Analytical Services

A purely analytical laboratory, QTS Environmental provides a comprehensive range of environmental analytical testing services to assist you in your work, whether it’s a special assessment or for routine monitoring.



You might be an environmental consultant, a remediation contractor or a site investigation organisation. Whatever the industry – construction, transport, energy and education, utilities or health – we carry out analytical tests according to your specific instructions to help you achieve your laboratory objectives.



QTS Environmental recognises that no two clients are the same. That’s why regardless of the volume of testing required, or the predetermined parameters you set, our remit is as broad as the scope of our expertise. Bespoke and flexible, just tell us what you’d like to happen and we will do just that.



Our analytical services not only meet your exacting requirements, but the ever-changing ones placed on us by the quality assurance bodies for each respective industry. Click here to find out more.



When it comes to helping a project run smoothly, we don’t believe in confusing our clients with small print. Instead, we work on the simple premise that in order to be useful we must seamlessly fit in. That’s why our services are not merely tailored to your predefined parameters, they are offered with a standard five-day turnaround at a pre-agreed price, with no hidden extras. We fit in with you, so you make it happen.

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