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QTS Environmental is a UK based independent environmental chemical testing laboratory offering a standard five-day turnaround. Our purely analytical laboratory provides a comprehensive range of environmental analytical testing services, from bespoke projects to more routine analytical requirements.

Established in 2008, QTS Environmental has built up a reputation within the analytical testing field for efficiency and excellence – one that we are proud of.



Our success is down to filling an important gap in the market, namely cutting through the complexities to make the process simple yet seamless. Our clients want to use an experienced team that assist with what they’re working on but don’t intrude. They also need to rely on an analytical testing laboratory that delivers the same consistent service every time.



QTS Environmental keeps it simple for you. From organising couriers to producing analytical reports & any questions you may have inbetween. We have a dedicated and experienced team at the helm. This enables us to deliver the best possible service; every enquiry is important.

Working from our state-of-the art laboratory, we leverage our scientific and commercial experience to offer a fully comprehensive analytical testing service. We rarely fail to deliver on time and if on occasion we have to check or repeat an analysis we will let you know so you can plan accordingly.



Although we deliver a comprehensive analytical testing service, it doesn’t come at the expense of maintaining exceptional standards and data integrity. Instead, we use the insight gained from quality control parameters and performance criteria, to match the exacting standards set by you, our clients.

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